Corporate Strategy

The Directorate of Corporate Strategic and Planning (DCSP) was formed after restructuring of the Corporation in May 2014. The Directorate is responsible for development of corporate strategies and corporate plans for investment decisions. Also, it is responsible for identification of viable projects to be undertaken by TPDC, and/or other private sector participants through PPP arrangement.
The Directorate has three units of Corporate Strategy, Investments and Plan. The workforce comprises 11 staff (a Director, 3 Managers, 1 Strategist, 1 Financial Analyst, 5 economists)

Key Functions

  • Formulation and review of short and long - term corporate strategies for all investments plans and make sure that plans are reviewed and adhered purposely for achieving corporate objectives;

  • Identify, screen and evaluate investment projects through research and monitor implementation in collaboration with Upstream and Downstream Directorates. Also, participate in preparation of sound corporate planning guidelines resulting into executable corporate plans.

  • Responsible for development of plans of the Corporation and its subsidiaries. Also, prepare, maintain and review short and long term plans in conformity with corporate objectives