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Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) is the National Oil Company of Tanzania, wholly owned by the Government of Tanzania, with all its shares held by the Treasury Registrar. TPDC was established through the Government Notice No.140 of 30th May 1969 under the Public Corporations Act No.17 of 1969 as amended.
The Petroleum Act, 2015 has given the TPDC mandate to undertake Tanzania’s commercial aspects of petroleum operations in the upstream, midstream and downstream and participating interests of the Government in the petroleum and natural gas agreements. TPDC has exclusive rights over the natural gas midstream and downstream value chain. Further, it can authorize any other person to undertake regulated activities, particularly those to which TPDC has exclusive rights.

For effective carrying out specific petroleum operations as stated in the Petroleum Act 2015, TPDC formed two subsidiary companies; Gas Supply Company Limited (GASCO), responsible for operations and maintenance of the National Natural Gas Infrastructure (NNGI) and TANOIL Investments Limited, which undertake oil trading business.
TPDC and its subsidiaries has a combined workforce of over 350 people.


To participate and engage in the exploration, development, production and distribution of oil and gas and related services; safeguard the national supply of petroleum products and natural gas; and maintain quality and safety standards to protect people, property and the environment.

Our Vision

To be a world-class integrated National Oil Company competing nationally, regionally and globally.


The objectives of the Corporation as laid down in the TPDC establishment order:

  • To explore and produce petroleum.
  • To carry out standard activities of an oil company including, distribution and storage facilities.
  • To hold exploration and production rights.
  • To contract, hold equity or participate in oil concessions, franchises and licenses.
  • To manage parastatals or other legal entities transferred to the corporation.
  • To develop an adequate industrial base for the oil industry.

Functions Of TPDC

TAs stipulated in section 9 of The Petroleum Act of 2015, TPDC functions are as follows: :

  1. Advising the Government on policy matters pertaining to the petroleum industry;
  2. Participating in petroleum reconnaissance, exploration and development projects;
  3. Carrying out specialized operations in the petroleum value chain using subsidiary companies;
  4. Handling the Government’s commercial participating interests in the petroleum sub-sector;
  5. Managing the marketing of the country’s share of petroleum received in kind;
  6. Developing in-depth expertise in the petroleum industry;
  7. Investigating and proposing new upstream, midstream and downstream ventures locally and internationally;
  8. Contracting, holding equity or participating in oil service and supply chain franchises and other licenses; and
  9. Performing any petroleum activities and related functions.