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Gas Supply Company Limited (GASCO)

It is a TPDC Subsidiary company responsible for operations and maintenance of the National Natural Gas Infrastructure (NNGI) and construction of natural gas distribution infrastructures. The NNGI was commissioned in 2015. 

The NNGI facilities consist of two natural gas processing plants located at Madimba and Songo Songo in Mtwara and Lindi regions and natural gas pipelines from Madimba, Mtwara and Songo Songo, Lindi to Dar es Salaam. The Madimba gas processing plant consists of three (3) trains, each with a capacity of 70 mmscfd, which gives a total capacity of 210 mmscfd. The plant also includes a raw gas trunk pipeline with 10 km in length and 16 inches diameter to transport raw natural gas from the Mnazi Bay gas field to the Madimba gas plant.

The Songo Songo gas processing plant consists of two (2) trains, each with 70 mmscfd capacity, resulting in a total plant capacity of 140 mmscfd. The onshore natural gas pipeline from Madimba – Mtwara to Tegeta – Dar es Salaam has 551 kilometers. The offshore pipeline from Songo Songo processing plant to Somanga Fungu has a diameter of 24 inches with a length of 29 km.

The pipeline diameter from Madimba to Kinyerezi is 36 inches, while from Kinyerezi to Tegeta receiving station is 16 inches. The pipeline capacity from Madimba to Kinyerezi is 784 mmscfd, which can be increased to 1002 mmscfd with compression.

With more than 100 workforces, GASCO’s operations are run in Mtwara, Lindi and Head offices being in Kinyerezi Dar es Salaam